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Hybrid Work – Advantages and Disadvantages

Written by: Annie Zygmunt -Pros and Cons of Hybrid Work Introduction: Since the start of Covid, a lot of people have had the opportunity to experience hybrid work – a split of working in the office part time, and part time from home. The work world as we know it has changed, since employers now […]

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5 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Office

Written by: Annie Zygmunt 5 Tips for an eco-friendly working environment Introduction: There are plenty of ways a company can make their offices more eco-friendly. From how you get to and from the office, to what you do while at work. Everything you do could be either good or bad for our planet. Below, you’ll […]

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Time Management

An article about time management by Annie Zygmunt

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Health is Wealth: Finance, Mental Health, and Workplace Struggles

Writer: Annie Zygmunt
Editor: Ellice Evans

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Benefits of being a PA

Story Credits: Mari Alonzo.
By Laura Woods and Ellice Evans.

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