Bache Samuels


At Bache Samuels, we work with our clients on their most pressing business issues that require creative and innovative solutions; by leveraging functional expertise in strategy, change management, financial services, e-commerce public sector and SME operations to successfully deliver projects.

Here is our recipe to a successful project strategy…

Initial Concepts

All projects require extensive research into specific areas related to the industry, place of launch and project type. As your business partner, we take this opportunity to take initial ideas and reiterate them into achievable project concepts.


Implementing strategic planning to improve business procurement practices.

Maintain and Control

Monitor client’s responses to the launch and adapt using planned goals. We initiate inventory management and cost reduction measures at this stage.

Finalise and Launch

Project manage the finishing touches and demo project where applicable. Also, making sure all outsourced functions are working correctly.

The Kickstart Scheme was officially launched in September 2020 and was designed to help unemployed 16–24-year old’s claiming Universal Credit to get back on track with their career.

As an appointed Gateway we have worked alongside DWP and over 100 different companies to support them in employing 16–24-year old’s looking to kickstart their career. We are extremely proud to announce that we have helped place a total of 847 Kickstarter’s within a diverse range of different companies and roles. These roles varied from Admin, Marketing and HR placements to roles within professional service providers such as Chartered Accountants and Finance companies.

As a Gateway it was our duty to support both companies and candidates. We provided a HR support service for employers as well as an online Employability Skills Training course for young employees. We are proud of our contribution to communities around the UK, who have found employment or work experience which will help build their careers even further.

Why not hear from some of the positive impact we’ve had on not just the Kickstarters but also from the various organizations who gained so much from having them on board: