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5 Tips For An Eco Friendly Office

Written by: Annie Zygmunt

5 Tips for an eco-friendly working environment

There are plenty of ways a company can make their offices more eco-friendly. From how you get to and from the office, to what you do while at work. Everything you do could be either good or bad for our planet. Below, you’ll find some ways on how you and your office could improve the work environment to be more eco-friendly.

Laptops and Saving Paper:

According to a Kyocera survey, a single UK office uses on average up to 45 pieces of paper per day. Bache Samuels is fighting to overcome that issue by providing its workers with laptops and online systems. For example, instead of printing out documents, workers can use Teams in order to share them with each other online. That way everyone in the group has access to said documents, without printing anything out. Colleagues can then use Teams to ask any questions / give any opinions they may have about what they were presented with.

Any paper that is used at the office should be recycled, alongside other recyclable material, when no longer needed.

Office Supplies:

The office also supplies its workers with Bic pens and A4 refill pads, for whenever they do need to use a pen and paper. Shared office supplies mean that the workers can share the materials, rather than having to go out and buy their own. Especially since they may not even end up using in full. Bic is also an eco-friendly option due to being made from 74% recycled plastic.

Staff Kitchen:

Aside from being supplied with laptops, pens, and writing pads, some offices also provide its workers with cutlery and dinnerware. A good idea is to have a kitchen with plates, mugs, cutlery, and everything else you may need for lunch. This makes staff more likely to bring their own lunches in (in reusable containers) than buying takeout, which in turn uses more packaging – some of which may not be recyclable.


Commuting is another great way for an office to be eco-friendly. Taking the bus, train, cycling, walking, or even car-sharing all make for a more environmentally friendly way to get to work, due to the cutting down of emissions. Sometimes this also means that you may be able to catch up on anything you need before getting to work.


Turning off water in-between uses is a good and simple way to be environmentally friendly. 460 million litres of water is wasted through dripping taps a year. On top of that, a running tap wastes over six litres of water per minute. At the office, this can happen while washing hands, pouring water into a kettle, or washing up after yourself. None of these tasks should be avoided, but turning the water off right after you’re done is a quick way to save yourself money, while also helping the planet.


More information on how to make your office space more eco-friendly can be found online. However, all of the above are simple and easy ways to do, and something that every workplace can start with.