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Hybrid Work – Advantages and Disadvantages

Written by: Annie Zygmunt -Pros and Cons of Hybrid Work Introduction: Since the start of Covid, a lot of people have had the opportunity to experience hybrid work – a split of working in the office part time, and part time from home. The work world as we know it has changed, since employers now […]

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QuickBooks vs Xero

Written by: Annie Zygmunt – Xero vs QuickBooks Comparison Introduction: As an accounting company, we use softwares that help us deal with our clients’ needs. The two softwares that we use are called Xero and QuickBooks. However, the latter is the one used most by our accountants. The software that we use depends on what […]

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Budgeting for Beginners

Written by: Annie Zygmunt Budgeting for beginners – tips and templates included Why do we need to budget? No matter how much you earn annually, it’s always a good idea to budget. Budgeting can save us a lot of stress. As long as we plan for what we want, need, and may need, we can […]

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5 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Office

Written by: Annie Zygmunt 5 Tips for an eco-friendly working environment Introduction: There are plenty of ways a company can make their offices more eco-friendly. From how you get to and from the office, to what you do while at work. Everything you do could be either good or bad for our planet. Below, you’ll […]

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Time Management

An article about time management by Annie Zygmunt

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