Bache Samuels


Here is our recipe for a successful project strategy:


Initial  Concepts

All projects require extensive research into specific areas related to the industry, place of launch and project type. As your business partner, we take this opportunity to take initial ideas and reiterate them into achievable project concepts.


Implementing strategic planning to improve business procurement practices.


Finalise &  Launch

Project manage the finishing touches and demo project where applicable. Also, making sure all outsourced functions are working correctly.

Maintain &  Control

Monitor client’s responses to the launch and adapt using planned goals. We initiate inventory management and cost reduction measures at this stage.


Report &  Improve

We present an enterprise and business analysis to review the success of the project.


Our consultants collaborate with clients to create the necessary synergies required for a successful project outcome.

We are at the moment working on a UK government project as an approved gateway, to create hundreds of thousands of sustainable roles for young people as part of a £2 Billion fund. Please visit our kickstart pages for more details.