Bache Samuels


Even the most basic services involving bookkeeping, secretarial services, and payroll are customised to add significant value to your business and personal wealth.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any of the following services and how we can meet your particular needs.


Accounting &  Bookkeeping

At Bache Samuels, we believe a cost-effective accounting and booking system is needed to become a successful business.

  • We bridge that gap between the chore of making generic accounting filing & data entries and running an efficient enterprise by turning this data into meaningful information for better business management
  • It is important to us that we provide you with accurate and timely bookkeeping services so you can fill your tax returns on time. Our consultants work with you through the year to ensure smooth deadline deliveries with minimum disruption and stress.
  • Each client has a different quota; therefore, we tailor our approach to suit your particular requirements and put them in place on an optimized system.
  • To go that extra step further, by providing constructive analysis and consistent advice, you can reach your business and money objectives at a brisk pace.
  • Besides your core bookkeeping, we can also take short-term projects to relieve your finance unit of any temporary overload.


Self-Assessment  Returns

Are you truly aware of all the tax-deductible benefits available to you?

Surprisingly, many of these repayments fall through the net.

With our help, you will pay no more than you should to HM Revenue and Customs, and we would help recover the amounts overdue. Some of our services in this area include:

  • Director’s self-assessment.
  • Partnership tax returns.
  • Appeals of HMRC decisions.
  • Dealing with tax return backlogs.
  • Responding to HMRC queries.
  • Tax returns and advice for medical professionals.


Tax  Planning

Make sure you take full advantage of the tax-saving opportunities open to you!

Every pound of income and corporation tax you save means more income at your disposal; every well-planned disposal of assets means minimal loss of capital gains.

Whether you are a business or an individual, our team of qualified accountants and specialist consultants work to ensure your tax affairs are always at their optimum.

We can provide you with year-round tax advice on:

  • Income Tax.
  • Capital Gains Tax.
  • Business Tax Relief
  • R & D Tax Relief
  • Corporation Tax.

VAT  Consulting

Many businesses inadvertently overpay or underpay VAT. We ensure that you recover what you are entitled to and pay the Tax Man the correct amount.

We provide a cost-effective VAT service, which includes:

  • Assistance with VAT registration.
  • Advice on VAT planning and administration.
  • Use of the most appropriate scheme.
  • Planning to minimize future problems with Customs and Excise.
  • VAT control and reconciliation.
  • Responding to HMRC queries.
  • Reconciliations and completing VAT returns.
  • Negotiating with Customs and Excise in disputes and representing you at VAT tribunals.


Payroll  Services

Why should you pay more tax due to incorrect payroll calculations? The answer is you shouldn’t!

Our payroll services are catered to your needs, whether you report payroll in real-time (RTI) or not. You can rely on us to help you perform the following services:

  • Real-Time Submission of regular payroll details to HMRC.
  • NI & PAYE Accounting.
  • Payroll cost analysis by department & cost center.
  • Processing payments and production of pay slips, P45s, P60s and more.
  • Manage attachments, deductions and other necessary payroll adjustments.
  • Provide you with periodic updates on relevant journal entries and remittances due to HM Revenue and Customs.
  • Help with ad hoc queries during the year.
  • Process and make necessary payroll submissions to HMRC.