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Author: Laura Woods
Editor: Ellice Evans

Making a Consistent Brand
Story credits to Laura Woods

Laura is our Digital Content Creator & Writer. Laura is a Visual Communications: Illustration Graduate from Birmingham City University. She relies on her graphic design thinking and problem solving to create meaningful artwork. She started her placement at the end of January 2021. 


During my stay here, I have immersed myself in the business interests and values which is shown in the content I have made which is an extension of the company brand. 

I coordinated our campaigns by navigating data and controlling engagement online using marketing strategies. This is a great way to understand the components needed to create successful content.  

Making a Brand:

Depending on your company needs, you may either want a brand-new logo or redesign a pre-existing branding identity.  

Investigating is a key part of a designer’s job; they should always be able to back up their design choices with either research or experience. Comparing competitors is a great way to start and you will see that most successful businesses will put a lot of effort into their online reputation to establish themselves into the industry. Additional content should always be taken into consideration when designing a logo you should question, will this look good on a printed document? 

A good designer will be equipped with the following skills and knowledge: 

  • A sharp eye for detail 
  • Colour theory 
  • Audience psychology
  • Typography & imagery copulations 
  • Customer service 
Branding Guidelines

Branding guidelines are for demonstrating how the logo will be used. Mock-ups are a great way to show how the logo will be presented in future projects. This should include an analysis of the colour codes and typography chosen in the final design. It is helpful to see good and bad variations on the usage of the logo to compare what works best for the brand. 

How Do I Keep a Brand Consistent?

Content creation can come in many forms of media from print to digital designs. There are key factors I take into consideration when I create something new under an established brand. The brief, branding guidelines, media, deadline and target audience are my main priorities in a project. Keeping a brand consistent is about using the right visual formula. It can be tricky; therefore, an extra pair of eyes can make a big difference.  

Types of Brands:

There are a few items that the majority of companies are interested in getting custom made; nothing says I am a professional than a great looking business card! Now that lockdown is easing up, networking events are starting to open their doors to the public. This is great as business owners can look professional with stand-up banners and leaflets. Not only that, custom stickers, tote bags and stationery too, which are within my realm to create! 


You can tell a lot about a business by the way they run their online presence. There are many ways in which you can engage with your audience, your method of choice will depend on your industry, intention and following. At Bache Samuels, we use a combination of call-to-action posts, announcements and soft stories to express our compassion towards our online presence.