Writer: Andrew Knott
Editor: Ellice Evans

- Benefits of the Kickstart Scheme for Young People
Story credits to Andrew Knott

Andrew is our Kickstart Administrator. We want to know how he manages to navigate through all of our clients’ needs and make it look easy!


Hello! I am the Kickstart Scheme Administrator for Bache Samuels and today I will be talking about the benefits of the Kickstart Scheme for young people, who may be hesitant in applying or wanting to know more about why it’s worth it.  

The Kickstart Scheme is a government-funded scheme that is set up to help young people between the ages of 16 – 24, get into employment. A Kickstart placement is 6 months and during this time, the wages of the young people who have taken Kickstart positions will be paid for by the Department of Wages and Pensions (DWP) in full (25 hours a week at the National Minimum Wage covered). Once the 6 months placement is up, Kickstart employees will have gained experience as well as new skills to further themselves into future employment.  

Benefits for Young People:
  • Experience. A Kickstart position lasts for 6 months. 6 months is enough time to learn how to do a job competently and get experience within the department you’re working for. Even if you aren’t going to be getting a full-time position in the company at the end of your placement, you will have learned enough about the role to put it on your CV and apply for other similar roles. A lot of recruiters will look at the experience you have listed on your CV and participating in the Kickstart Scheme for 6 months definitely gives an adequate block of experience under your belt that will absolutely be at your advantage. 
  • Skills. Taking part in the Kickstart Scheme means learning new things and gaining new skills. Companies recruiting Kickstart employees will often intend to train the new employees from the bottom up and will not often expect you to have experience or skills that will prove useful for the position. For young people, the opportunity to develop new skills that will prove essential to the future is an invaluable experience which is what this placement enables you to do; the skills you learn at your Kickstart placement may be what propel you to a job you are truly interested in. 
  • Wages. For young people out of work, being able to get a Kickstart position is a great way of getting a bit more money. Although most Kickstart positions are minimum wage and 25 hours a week, it is still a lot more money than you would be making from being signed up to Universal Credit or receiving no income whatsoever. 
  • Training. A lot of training is provided during a Kickstart placement. Employability training for example, is offered to all Kickstart employees and is a necessity of the scheme, as stated by the government. Depending on what sector your placement is within, there will likely be other training such as GDPR or software training which are also great elements to build up your professional profile. 
To conclude...

There are many benefits for young people who decide to take part in the Kickstart Scheme, which I hope I have outlined well enough. Using Bache Samuels as an example, we aim to get Kickstarter’s signed up for the employability training after just the first 6 weeks of their placement to ensure they’ve got the tools to maximise their placement experience and improve employability. 

Hopefully reading this has opened you up to the wide range of benefits provided to young people who may be interested in taking part in the Kickstart Scheme and I urge you to contact us at Bache Samuels if you would like to know more. We are an approved Kickstart Gateway so not only can we answer enquiries regarding the scheme, we are here to help get the roles approved and filled!