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Author: Andrew Knott
Editor: Ellice Evans

- Benefits of the Kickstart Scheme for Businesses
Story credits to Andrew Knott

Andrew is our Kickstarter Scheme Administrator. We want to know how he manages to navigate through all of our clients’ needs and makes it look easy!    


Hello, my name is Andrew and I am the Kickstart Scheme Administrator for Bache Samuels. Today I will talk about the benefits of being part of the Kickstart Scheme for companies that may be interested in applying.  

For starters, what is the Kickstart Scheme?
The Kickstart Scheme is a government funded scheme set up to help young people, aged 16-24, into employment. A Kickstart placement is 6 months long, and during this time the wages of each Kickstart employee will be fully paid for by the Department of Wages and Pensions (DWP). Once the 6 month placement is up, you may choose to keep the Kickstarter by offering them a full-time position, or let them go.  

Now that we’ve spoken a little on what the Kickstart Scheme is, let’s talk about the benefits of taking part in it.

Benefits of the Scheme
  • Wages:
    As I mentioned above, the wages for the Kickstart employee are paid by DWP. This is certainly an excellent benefit as for 6 months you can hire an employee at no extra cost to you.
  • Grant offer of £1500 per Kickstart employee:
    The grant offer is an exceptional benefit for businesses. For every Kickstarter, DWP will offer each company a grant of £1500. This can be used for training, equipment and anything the Kickstarter might need. Once the Kickstart placement is over with, you can request the equipment back. This means that you will have obtained more equipment for the company without actually having to fund it from the business finances.
  • No limit to the number of Kickstart employee’s to apply for:
    There is no set limit to how many Kickstart positions you can recruit for. You may wish to recruit a lot of Kickstarter’s to get your business off the ground, or just a couple of positions to maybe help out on the side. As long as DWP approves the roles, they can then be advertised and filled, ready to help you with your goals on your journey to success.

  • Kickstart employee potential for the company long-term:
    The Kickstarter’s themselves will likely prove to be a great addition and benefit to the company. Once their 6 months is up, you may find the Kickstarter an exceptional addition to the team and be inclined to offer them an actual working contract. This is a great way to see what they’re like and what they can do before you hire them permanently!

As you can see there are many benefits to taking part in the Kickstart Scheme, but you may have one last question. Why use Bache Samuels as a Gateway?
We give free Employability Training for all your Kickstarter’s, ensuring they have a maximised placement with you, increasing employability for them beyond their placement. We also have free payroll services that you can get involved with. There are different packages you can opt for when coming through to use Bache Samuels as a Gateway. Check out our Kickstart Gateway page on our website to get involved or feel free to enquire further into our Gateway services. We would be happy to help optimise this opportunity for businesses!

There are many benefits to the Kickstart Scheme and many benefits to choosing Bache Samuels as your Gateway Service, thanks for your time in reading this today.  

Kind Regards,  

Kickstart Scheme Administrator.