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Author: Laura Woods
Co-Writer: Ellice Evans

- A Quick, QuickBooks Guide
Story credits to Jahidul Khan
Jahidul is our Accountant and Bookkeeper. He relies on QuickBooks to efficiently deliver quality accounting services to our clients. Jahidul graduated from Aston University in Accounting for Management, he has goals to become a fully qualified chartered accountant. He started his placement with us as a Kickstarter in February 2021.
What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is well-respected online accounting software that makes it easy for us to navigate your finances. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and used by both you as our client and us as your trusted accountants simultaneously to ensure information is up-to-date and correct at any time.

We use this software to communicate with business owners and carry out accounting work all in one place. This makes it easier for us to provide financial services varying from VAT returns, yearly accounting records, analysing trends, and offering advice. We conduct our bookkeeping services by entering in transactions and reconciling them with bank transactions. This creates an easy platform to use, especially for importing files into QuickBooks such as bank statements. Graphs are also automatically created on the dashboard pages, so information is easy to view.

We can also keep track of our client’s income, outcome and VAT records ultimately to give them reassurance. As a respectable accountancy firm, we manage multiple clients at once. QuickBooks is the perfect place to navigate through this data and find exactly what we need. With a global network of clients, QuickBooks allows us to deal with multiple currencies for international purposes. Thus allowing us to help anyone at any time. We have no limitations when it comes to supporting anybody around the globe! Following on from navigating data, we create and export essential information all on one piece of software, such as profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow.

How does this specifically benefit clients?

QuickBooks gains client’s access to their account which can be monitored at any point. This is useful for clients to edit reconciliations, transactions and to upload documents. With both us (as your trusted accountancy practitioner) and the clients having complete access, an optimum experience with QuickBooks is inevitable due to the efficiency, support, and ease of handling and entering business data. 


There are a variety of subscriptions for QuickBooks ranging from simple, essentials and plus with additional payroll services available. 


Simple Start -for sole traders & small businesses who need to manage VAT, Income Tax & expenses.

Essentials Package -for small-but-growth businesses working with suppliers.

Plus Package -for more established businesses managing projects & stock. 

Why should you invest in Bache Samuels?

We are able to go through these packages in-depth with the added bonus of our services so you can leave the heavy lifting to us. The payment is very simple, and no multiple payments are needed or added to the agreed price.


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