Payroll Services

Why should you pay more tax than you need to because of incorrect payroll calculations and suffer penalties? Well you shouldn't!

Our payroll services are designed to cater for your needs, whether you report payroll in real time (RTI) or not. We give you reason to be at ease knowing that we are helping you to perform the following services: 

  • Real Time Submission of regular payroll details to HMRC

  • NI & PAYE Accounting

  • Payroll cost analysis by department & cost centre.

  • Processing payments and production of payslips, P45s,P60s and more.

  • Handle attachments, deductions and other necessary payroll adjustments.

  • Provide you with periodic updates on relevant journal entries and remittances due to HM Revenue and Customs.

  • Help with ad hoc queries during the year.

  • Process and make neccesary payrol submissions to HMRC.